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The Aluminium Reflector Sheet For Lighting

Publish: Modify: May 25, 2021Author: From:  Haomei

The aluminium reflector sheet for lighting produced by Haomei Aluminum can reach over 85%. The high-end series mirror finish aluminum sheet can reach 95%. Learn more.

The mirror finish aluminum sheet is widely used in lighting equipment, high-end cosmetics, automobiles or building decoration and exterior wall. In recent years, the solar energy equipment and high-power LED lighting have developed rapidly, and the demand for reflective aluminum sheet has also shown a rapid growth trend.

The aluminum reflector sheet is aluminum plate produced by a rolling method. The surface can achieve a mirror-like effect. Even after anodizing, it can still maintain high finish and high reflectivity, and maintain a high scratch resistance, orrosion resistance and good strength and formability.

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At present, the commonly used aluminium mirror sheet is generally 1xxx, 3xxx and 8xxx aluminum. As a reflective material, aluminum reflector sheet for lighting develops in the direction of higher reflectivity (total reflectivity>90%), high thermal conductivity, high scratch resistance and corrosion resistance, and medium strength.

In order to meet the higher requirements of mirror aluminum, Haomei Aluminum has developed 5xxx medium-strength mirror aluminum sheet to meet the high requirements of the LED lighting and solar energy industries.

The 5xxx aluminum reflector sheet is generally produced through a rolling process, and the reflectivity generally reaches 90% or even 95%, which has high requirements on the purity and surface condition. With a strict control of the composition and process, Haomei aluminum mirror sheet fully meets the requirements of the final product. Welcome to leave message below to inquire it.

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