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Haomei Aluminum CO., LTD.

Tel/Whatsapp: +86-15978414719



Xin'an Industrial Assemble Region,Luoyang,Henan Province,China
Office Add: 1103, No.14 Waihuan Road, CBD, Zhengzhou, China

Our Teamwork

Our vision defines what we envision for our future. It serves to direct our efforts towards a common long-term target:

We will become aluminum product leader in China and worldwide.

Trust of Customers

Variety and highest quality help us get more and more enthusiastic customers. They always can find what they need and are satisfied with our quick reply and delivery. Haomei aluminum material helps them own extra advantages in market competition, therefore Haomei has a lot of long-term partners. We value every customer and will do better.

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Enthusiastic Workers

At Haomei, everyone on our team is critical in ensuring that our customers are successful and have the opportunity to make a real impact on their businesses. Professional training, perfect motivation and friendly atmosphere enables everyone make a difference.

Haomei Aluminum Sales Team.jpg

R&D Power

We design our products and processes specifically to meet the requirements of our customers. In this, we make use of the latest technologies and modern forms of organization. We have gradually obtained “Engineering and Technological Research Center for Aluminum Plate Strips and Foils in Henan”, “Top 20 Nonferrous Metals Enterprises in Henan”, Top 10 Processing Company for Aluminum in China”, and “Outstanding Private Enterprise”, etc.

Haomei Aluminum coil workshop.jpg

Safe Future

With clear object and sustainable development, we believe in ourselves to be your long-term and lovable partner.


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