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Aluminum Strip

What Is Aluminum Strip

The raw material of aluminium strip is pure aluminum or aluminium alloy cast-rolled aluminium coil or hot-rolled aluminum coil. It is rolled into a thin aluminum coil of different thickness and width by cold rolling mill, and then slitted according to the application.

Aluminum Strip Application

Aluminium strip is widely used in the following fields: cosmetic packaging, lamp base, caps, transformer, fin radiator, heater, aluminum-plastic composite pipes, cables, optical cables, blinds,etc.


Aluminum Strip Roll/Color Color Coated Aluminum Strip


GB/T3190-2008,GB/T3880-2006,ASTM B209,JIS H4000-2006,ISO9001,etc


1070 1100 3003 3004 5052 5754 6061 6063 8021 8079,etc


0.2-10.0 mm


20-1700 mm




various colors are available,we also can make in accordance with your own color range

Aluminum Strip

Color Coated Aluminum Strip Suppliers

Color Coated Aluminum Strip Suppliers

Nov 07,2019
Haomei is a big aluminum strip supplier. We can offer you color coated aluminum strip, which is of superior impact structure, corrosion resistance and good plasticity. Visit our page to learn more!
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Thin Aluminum Strip Supplier

Thin Aluminum Strip Supplier

Nov 07,2019
Thin aluminum strip is pure aluminum tape with 99.5% aluminum content. It is of good electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, used for electronics, lamps,cap,etc. Best price for you!
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Flat Aluminum Strip for Sale

Flat Aluminum Strip for Sale

Nov 07,2019
Haomei offers you flat aluminum strip, anodised aluminium strip, color coated aluminum strip, thin aluminum strip, which is widely used in cable, optical cable ,transformer,etc. Welcome to visit our website to get our specifications.
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