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Aluminum Strip for Face Mask

Publish: Modify: May 29, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

Haomei offer you superior aluminum strip for face mask including flat mask wire and aluminum nose strip for N95 face make. 3003 or 1060 alloy, O temper. Welcome to inquire.

With the wide spread of Covid-19, how to defeat it has become a hot topic. Since we know Covid-19 is a kind of respiratory disease, which is spread through droplets and close contact. Face mask is an effective goods to protect ourselves. For personal protection, wearing face mask and washing hand have become the common sense of people.

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No matter it is disposable medical mask or N95 face mask, better fit to face is an important factor to ensure its protective function. That’s why we need flat mask aluminum wire.

Take N95 face mask for example. N95 face mask is one of 9 kinds of particulate protective masks certified by NIOSH. The filtering efficiency of the mask filter material to non-oily particulate matter (such as dust, acid mist, paint mist, microorganisms, etc.) reaches 95%.

aluminum nose strip for face mask.jpgIn addition to the 95% filtration efficiency, another important factor is that the N95mask fits closely with the face. These two factor contributes to the superior protection function both in medical environment and common surroundings. The close fit depends on aluminum nose strip for face mask.

Enough medical supply is the basic guarantee to win this battle against the epidemic. Many countries are sparing no effort to expand the capacity. The demand for aluminum strip for face mask is also increasing.

Haomei, as a big manufacturer of aluminum strip, can offer you soft aluminum strip for face mask. The specification of our aluminum strip for face mask:

1. Aluminum alloy: 1060 and 3003.

2. O Temper

3. Mill finish.

4. Thickness: 0.4*0.5 mm

5. Width: 90-100 mm.



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