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Why Does Aluminum Strip 3mm Factory Need Cleaning

Publish: Modify: Sep 25, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

Why does the aluminum strip 3mm cleaning? That’s because of the higher requirements on the soft aluminum strips quality. Then how to clean it? Learn more.

The aerospace, household appliances, decorative materials, and beverage industries are increasingly demanding aluminum strips, which has brought the rapid development of high-precision aluminum strips such as aluminum-plastic strips and canning materials. These products have very strict requirements on straightness and cleanliness of the soft aluminum strip.

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During the manufacturing process of high precision aluminum strips, a large amount of rolling oil and aluminum powder remain on its surface. Therefore, to obtain a good surface quality, the surface residues must be cleaned and removed.

In addition, to get a good shape, Under the action of stretching and bending, the strip will gradually produce plastic extension and release the internal stress of the plate to improve the plate shape. Considering the straightening process, the surface of the soft aluminum strip must first be cleaned.

Cleaning is to use a pressure pump to pressurize the cleaning medium, and perform non-contact spray cleaning or contact scrubbing on the surface of the aluminum strip to dissolve the aluminum powder and oil on the surface of the material into the cleaning medium. Then dry the surface by the squeeze roll and high-pressure air or even using the high-temperature air drying.

At the same time, by constantly replenishing the cleaning medium and using the online circulating filter system at the same time, the cleaning medium is kept in sufficient quantity and clean, and the heat energy and the cleaning medium are greatly saved.

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