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Haomei Aluminum CO., LTD.

Tel/Whatsapp: +86-15978414719



Xin'an Industrial Assemble Region,Luoyang,Henan Province,China
Office Add: 1103, No.14 Waihuan Road, CBD, Zhengzhou, China

About Us

With 20 years'experience, Haomei follows closely with international latest aluminum manufacturing process and technologies and is determined to become a aluminum alloy leader in China and global market.

Our aluminum alloy is strictly in accordance with the main international standards like SGS, ISO, FDA,etc., covering aluminium sheets metal, aluminium coil, aluminum strip stock, aluminum foil, aluminum discs circle,aluminum checker plate, color coated aluminum and CTP plates.

Our factory is equipped with 1+4 hot tandem rolling line, 4 cold mill production lines, and 5 foil mill production lines, and a complete complex of fishing equipment. Every year, we will organize the related training and continuously expand our R&D cost.

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