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What Is The Hardness of 3003 Aluminium Sheet

Publish: Modify: Jun 30, 2021Author: From:  Haomei

What is the hardness of 3003 aluminum plate? Different tempers have big effect on its strength such as 3003-h14, 3003-H18, 3003-24 and 3003-O temper. Learn more.

3003 aluminum sheet is a kind of well-known anti-rust aluminum. What is the hardness of 3003 aluminum plate? 3003 aluminium plate belongs to Al-Mn alloy, of which the Mn content is about 1.2-1.5%. Therefore, its hardness is about 10% higher than 1000 aluminum sheets.

The annealing state of 3003 aluminum plate is also the key point that determines its hardness. The hardness of 3003 h14 aluminum, 3003 h18, 3003 h24 and 3003 h2 is all different. Of hem, 3003-H18 aluminum is of high hardness and 3003-O aluminum is of low hardness. Each temper is for meeting different needs.

3003 h14 aluminum.jpg

3003-H18 Aluminum

H18 is a common temper of 3003 aluminum sheet. It belongs to the non-annealed state. 3003-H18 aluminum is more demanding in equipment enclosures or traffic signs. If you have high strength requirements for 3003 aluminum or don’t need multiple stamping and drawing, 3003- h18 is a proper choice.

3004-H24 Aluminum

If you are a curtain wall manufacturer, you must be familiar with the hardness of 3003 aluminum sheets with H24 temper. It belongs to the annealed aluminum plate. If it is for bending processing or it has both requirements for hardness and tensile toughness, 3003-H24 aluminium plate is a good choice.

3003-O Aluminum

Stamping, spinning, stretching, etc. are all suitable for 3003-O aluminum plate. For 3003-O aluminum sheet, it takes the longest annealing time in the current annealing process of 3003 aluminum sheet, usually about 20 hours. For the products need stamping and rust proof, 3003-O aluminum plate is a good choice.

Before we want to judge the hardness of 3003 aluminum plate, we must figure out the tempers of 3003 aluminum sheet. Welcome to leave message below to inquire what you need.

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