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CTP Plates

What Is CTP Plates

HAOMEI is a professional manufacturer of Conventional PS Plates, CTCP Plates and Thermal CTP Plates in China.

Conventional Plates for use with film based production processes, manufactured for superior performance.

Thermal CTP plate is a high-quality printing plate specialized for thermal CTP platesetter, saving time and improving accuracy.

Positive CTCP plate is a top grade printing plate. The technologies of plate base treatment and coating formulation are all R&D by our company independently.







Conventional PS Plate



0.15-0.3 mm

1500 mm(max)

offset printing

Thermal CTP Plate



0.14-0.40 mm


Commercial Printing,

Newspaper Printing

Light Printing

CTCP Plate



0.14-0.30 mm


Newspaper printing, Commercial printing etc..

CTP Plates

Positive CTCP Plate Wholesale

Positive CTCP Plate Wholesale

Nov 27,2020
CTCP plate refers to computer direct making on the traditional PS plate. Haomei positive CTCP plate is of high sensitive speed, fine dot-reproduction and long run length. Inquire now!
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Thermal CTP Plates Manufacturer

Thermal CTP Plates Manufacturer

Apr 02,2021
Haomei CTP plate is a high quality printing plate, suitable for most developer and the different concentration. High resolution, greater accuracy and time-saving.
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Positive Conventional PS Plate Wholesale

Positive Conventional PS Plate Wholesale

Nov 27,2020
Haomei positive PS plate is of durable and strong oxidized surface, having excellent resolving ability, superior pressrun ability and sustainable ink-water equilibrium, which is compatible with most developers and processors.
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