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The Developing Trend of CTP Plate

Publish: Modify: Apr 07, 2021Author: From:  Haomei

CTP plates replacing PS plate occupy the leading position, having different types: thermal CTP plate, UV-CTP, photosensitive plates, inkjet plates, etc.,to meet different needs.

With the continuous development of CTP technology, CTP plate has become the focus of the printing industry attention. The leading position of PS plate in offset printing plates worldwide has been completely replaced by CTP plates.Especially in recent years, the CTP plate price has been further reduced, of which the cost advantage has been further improved has been further improved.

At present, the types of Haomei CTP plate include thermal CTP plate, UV-CTP, photosensitive plates, inkjet plates, etc. The market share of each type is also becoming more stable, gradually achieving dynamic balance, and rapidly developing in the direction of green and environmental protection.

PS/CTP Plate.jpg

Especially in recent years, as the concept of green printing continues to gain popularity, various environmentally friendly CTP plates, such as chemical-free CTP plate, completely treatment-free plates, and waterless offset printing plates, have been continuously introduced to the market. It has been successfully applied by some printing companies.

In fact, CTP plates have developed well on all sides. One is the printing durability, the second is the resolution, the third is the sensitivity speed, the fourth is the adaptability of printing conditions, and the fifth is the rapid development of environmental protection and other aspects.

Although the present chemical-free CTP plate is lower than the thermal CTP plate in terms of sensitivity speed and its price is also higher, its need will keep increasing because of the increasingly stringent environmental protection policies.

As for the printing durability, each CTP plate factory also has different solutions, but the two-layer coating seems to be preferable. One is a photosensitive layer, and the other layer is a particularly printing-resistant medicinal film. Welcome to leave message below to inquire the thermal CTP plate.

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