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How to Choose PS Plate Substrate

Publish: Modify: Oct 12, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

The aluminum plate is one of the basic elements to make high-quality PS plate wholesale. How to choose it for different kinds of ps plate whole such as positive ps plate? Learn more.

The aluminum plate is one of the basic elements to make high-quality PS plate wholesale. So far, in the selection of PS plate substrates, no better material that can replace aluminum plates has been found. With the vigorous development of domestic printing industry, the market and production capacity of PS plates and PS plate substrate have grown rapidly.

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The main raw materials for the production of PS plates: aluminum plates and photosensitive glue. For the aluminum plate of the PS plate, it is generally required to have the following characteristics:

l It has sufficient strength as a support.

l it has good dimensional viscosity and flatness to ensure printing accurancy.

l It has the needed surface state and chemical composition suitable for the template.

In recent years, the printing format has a trend of bipolar development. On the one hand, it is developing to a super-large format. The demand for PS plates with specifications of 1610mm×1310mm and above is increasing day by day. The aluminum plate itself for the super-large PS plates must not have bulges and loose-leaf edges.

The other hand, the amount of small-sized ps plate, that is, the light printing PS plate is also increasing. The quality requirements for the light printing PS plate are still quite high. To ensure the PS plate quality, don’t only pay attention to the price of PS plate substrate. They are too cheap to meet the quality requirements.

If the printing plant wants to reduce the cost on the printing plate, it must improve the use conditions of the PS plate, and the development temperature must be controlled within the specified range. It is necessary to strengthen the plate making standardization. This is the fundamental way to reduce costs and save consumables.

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