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Differences Between CTP and CTCP Printing Plates

Publish: Modify: Jul 18, 2022Author: From:  Haomei

CTCP plate-making technologies images digital information on a common PS plate has better printing suitability, simple process and low cost compared with CTP plates. Learn more.

So far, prepress computer-to-plate equipment is divided into two categories: ordinary CTP and CTCP. Although both processes save the film plate-making process, and all use digital information to realize the one-stop operation of "prepress production - data transmission - direct plate making", there are many differences between CTP and CTCP printing plates.

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No.1 Different exposure materials

CTCP images digital information on a common PS plate, while CTP images digital information on a special CTP plate coated with a special photosensitive layer. Because the laser light source of CTP has very strict wavelength requirements and the range of photosensitive wavelength is very narrow, the imaging exposure of CTP has extremely high requirements on the photosensitive layer of the plate.

The corresponding coating process and production cost of the CTP plate are therefore much more cumbersome and expensive than the common PS plate that has been popularized for a long time.

No.2 Different exposure technologies

Whether it is CTCP equipment or CTP equipment, exposure technology is the core content. It is not only related to the quality of exposure imaging, but also closely related to the life of the device.

CTCP uses short arc ultraviolet high pressure mercury lamp as the exposure light source, and completes the entire platform exposure operation through digital dot imaging technology and magnetic levitation drive.

No.3 Different fusion performances of CTP/CTCP plate and printing process

The ultimate purpose of plate-making is printing, and the most advanced plate-making methods have practical value only when they are smoothly combined with the printing process. Although both CTCP equipment and CTP equipment can be integrated into the printing process, the requirements and results of the two are completely different.

The coating material of the CTP plate is very different from the coating material of the ordinary PS plate, which leads to a great difference in the printing suitability of the CTP plate and the ordinary PS plate in the printing process. CTCP has outstanding advantages in the integration with printing process. The consistency of the printing plate ensures the normal operation of each printing suitability. Welcome to leave message below to inquire CTCP and PS plate price.

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