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What Is Violet CTP

Publish: Modify: Oct 09, 2022Author: From:  Haomei

After several years of development, violet CTP has become the three mainstream technologies of CTP together with thermal CTP and CTCP. Haomei Aluminum has different printing plates. Learn more.

A new CTP technology, violet CTP technology was demonstrated at Durpa2000. At that time, the industry's understanding of this new technology was not unified. However, the situation changed in Durpa2004. After several years of development, violet CTP has become the three mainstream technologies of CTP together with thermal CTP and CTCP.

The high-sensitivity violet CTP plates are specially produced for the violet laser CTP technology. According to the relevant plate manufacturers, the grain of this plate is finer than the traditional plate, and the coating process is more complicated. Of course, the photosensitive layer is also different from the traditional PS plate.

violet CTP plates.jpg

The traditional plate CTP technology adopts the PS plate with appropriate adjustment of the exposure speed, which has no essential difference from the conventionally used PS plate. The difference in the printing plates may be regarded as a big difference between the two.

Violet CTP plates is divided into two types: silver salt plate and photopolymerization plate. The silver salt plate contains a silver halide layer, which is diffused on the plate to form a metallic silver image area. This layer is sensitive to light and has fast exposure. Only a 5mW laser is enough. Its endurance is about 350,000 prints without baking. However, the developer contains harmful components, which need to be environmentally friendly processed.

The photopolymerized version has only photopolymer, and the waste liquid does not contain harmful substances. After baking the version, it can reach 1 million prints. When the power of the laser head reaches more than 150mW, it can achieve no flushing like thermal technology. This is another big shock for thermal CTP, because only thermal CTP can be rinse-free before. Now the market has already begun to supply processing-free violet CTP plate.

The chemical-free violet CTP plate is an environmentally friendly product that helps us achieve green printing. The amount of printing plate glue is very low, and the waste liquid produced is very small. The waste liquid it produces is less than 1/20 of the traditional film plate making and 1/10 of the traditional direct computer to plate printing plate making material.

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