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CTP Plate V CTCP Plate

Publish: Modify: Mar 25, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

Compared with CTP plate, CTCP plate making can make use of the present equipment and it is of simple operation. If you like to get CTCP plate price, welcome to contact us.

CTP plate is the present plate making method while CTCP plate is getting more and more attention. Which will dominates the printing industry in the future? Here is a comparison.


1. The use of PS plate

Although ctp plate price has been lower than before through years of mass production, it still can be as cheap as the PS plate. While for CTCP plate making, PS plate also can be used. Due to the selection of PS plates, it will helps the CTCP plate manufacturer a lot of cost on operator training and subsequent maintenance.

2. The light source is more economical

As we all know, the largest cost in the use of CTP plates is the laser head. Its service life is not long and the replacement cost is also appropriately high. As for the CTCP plate, it chooses the cheap lamps. And the new generation of CTCP plates will use LED to replace the lamps, of which the service life is unlimited. The light source will also save a huge amount of money for you.

3. Simple operation

For CTCP plate making, it can be operated in a bright indoor environment and has no need to modify the current hardware and extra network. However, as a new product, many people are not confident in is printing quality. Some CTCP plate manufacturers reflects that there is no difference in imaging quality between CTP plate and CTCP plate. If you like to get CTCP plate price, welcome to contact us.

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