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The Manufacturing Process of CTP Offset Printing Plates

Publish: Modify: Oct 12, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

The aluminum sheet is an indisputable high-quality PS/CTP plate substrate. Haomei Aluminum offers aluminum sheet, ctp printing plates and ps plate wholesale. Inquire now!

Offset printing is a traditional printing method and a main method for offset printing. It makes use of PS/CTP offset pring plates to transfer the graphic information that you want to express and disseminate to the substrate, and finally make paper media such as books and newspapers.

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The CTP printing plates utilizes the hot and cold rolling processes to roll aluminum alloy blanks in to thin aluminum plates of a certain thickness. After processing, the aluminum sheet is coated with a layer of photosensitive resin, and then dried to make printing plates for various purposes.

The manufacturing method of aluminum plates for PS/CTP plate:

1. According to the weight ratio: Al-98, Si-<1.0, Fe-0.3-1.0, Cu-0.03, Zn: 0.03, Mg:0.03, Ti-0.05. The above alloy components are mixed and melted at the temperature of 720-800°C.

2. Then cast into alloy ingots at a casting temperature of 690 to 750°C.

3. The alloy ingot is uniformly annealed at the temperature of 800-610°C.

4. Then hot roll at a temperature of 400 -540 °C.

5. The hot rolled billet is cold rolled from 9.0mm to 0.7mm.

6. Under the condition of 300-500°C, keep intermediate annealing for 11h, hold for 1h, then cold roll the aluminum sheet to 0.15mm. After stretching, completely straightening and shearing, the finished product is obtained.

PS/CTP printing plates has high printing quality, strong printing endurance, environmental protection and hygiene when used for printing. The commonly used aluminum sheets for PS/CTP plate are 1050, 1060 and 1070 aluminum sheet, with aluminum content ≥99.50%, ≥99.60%, and ≥99.70% respectively.

Aluminum sheet has the advantages of low density, high strength, moderate abrasion resistance, good shape, good hydrophilicity, high stability, and good surface treatment, making it an indisputable high-quality PS/CTP plate substrate. Welcome to leave message below to get the CTP/PS plate wholesale price.



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