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What Is PS Plate

Publish: Modify: Oct 09, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

PS plate, the abbreviation of "Presensitized Plate" is a good choice ofr offet printing. The commonly used aluminum plate substrate is generally 1050 and 1060 aluminum sheet. Learn more.

PS plate, the abbreviation of "Presensitized Plate", is a a lithographic printing plate pre-coated with a photosensitive resin layer on the aluminum plate substrate. The high-quality aluminum plate for PS plate is processed by electrolytic grinding and anodizing.

The PS plate features flat coating, uniform thickness, relatively good hydrophilicity, abrasion resistance, and chemical stability, so its printing resistance is very high, which is suitable for printing high, precise and fine products.


The commonly used PS aluminum plate substrate is generally 1050 and 1060 aluminum sheet with H18 temper. In addition to the production of PS plates, 1060 aluminum plate is also widely used in positive PS plates, thermal CTP plates, photosensitive CTP plates, UV-CTP plates, etc.

The width range of Haomei aluminum plate for PS plate making is generally 400-1600mm, and the conventional thickness is 0.10-0.50mm. The aluminum base plate should be of high surface quality and flatness. Therefore, in order to obtain a high-quality alumnum sheet, a special straightening method must be adopted after cold rolling.

With an advanced straightening processing technology, Haomei aluminum plate substrate can avoid such defects like hard scratches, leveling marks, and shock marks. In addition, the electrostatic spraying technology on the matte surface makes the air between the film and the PS plate during printing smoothly drawn out, so that the vacuuming time is shortened by two-thirds compared with the PS plate without the matte surface, thereby reducing the plate making time.

Advanced multi-layer sand mesh technology can help the PS plate base to improve the printing durability. It is composed of sand meshes of different sizes (large waves, medium waves, and small waves). Each size of the sand mesh shares important performance, so as to well realize the balance of printing resistane and stain resistance.

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