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What Is PS Plate Making Process

Publish: Modify: Mar 19, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

PS plate for offset printing is divided into positive PS plate and negative PS plate, which is made of aluminum base plate. What is ps plate making process? Learn more.

Offset printing is a traditional printing method. It is the main method of lithographic printing. It refers to the use of PS / CTP printing to transfer the graphic and text information that you want to express to the substrate, and finally make paper media such as books and newspapers.

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PS plate making process is to make the aluminum alloy material into thin plats of a certain thickness through hot-rolled process, then the surface of the thin plate will be coated with a photosensitive resin after a specific process.

PS plate for offset printing can be used at any time for printing plates. There are positive and negative PS plates. Among them, positive PS plate accounts for a large share and its making technology is matured.

PS plate is of high printing quality, strong printing resistance, environmental friendliness, cleanliness, sanitation and reasonable cost. Haomei can offer you superior aluminum base plate for positive PS plate. The main types are 1050 aluminum plate, 1060 aluminum plate, and 1070 aluminum plate.

Their aluminum content are respectively are ≥99.50%, ≥99.60%, and ≥99.70%. Haomei aluminum base plates have the advantages of low density, high strength, moderate abrasion resistance, good formability, good hydrophilicity, high stability, and good surface treatment. It has become a popular choice for making positive PS plate.



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