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The Application Market of CTP Plate

Publish: Modify: Apr 07, 2021Author: From:  Haomei

Books and newspapers, commercial advertisements, and packaging are the main applications of CTP plate. Haomei Aluminum offers you best CTP plate price.

At present, there are two main kinds of plates: PS plate and CTP plate. Computer to plate CTP means offline direct plate making, which is a digital printing plate imaging process. Computer direct plate making is a digital work process that directly converts text and images into numbers to directly generate printing plates, eliminating the need for film material, manual imposition process.

UV-CTP plates and thermal CTP plates replacing PS plate has become the mainstream of the printing plates industry. At present, the domestic CTP plates almost include all types, such as thermal plates, photosensitive plates, UV plates, inkjet plates, and a variety of processing-free plates.

CTP plate production.jpg

Among them, thermal CTP plates account for about the total production 60~70%, UV-CTP version accounts for about 25%, photosensitive and other CTP versions are less than 10%. UV-CTP plate and thermal CTP plate will occupy most of the CTP plate market in the following years.

Printing products are mainly divided into three types: books and newspapers, commercial advertisements, and packaging. Due to the fixed and extensive consumer groups, these are the have become favorable factors for the development of the CTP plate industry.

For the application of computer to plate CTP, one is the newspaper printing companies. But from the development of the past two years, commercial printing companies, especially those pursuing printing quality, have become the main application of CTP plate. Commercial printing companies are the main body of CTP plate consumption in the future.

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