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1060 Aluminum Plate for Positive PS Plate

Publish: Modify: Mar 19, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

1060 aluminum plate is common choice for making positive PS plate. To get quality aluminum base plate, Haomei adopts advanced equipment and technologies during ps plate making process.

Positive PS plate is is a lithographic printing plate with a photosensitive resin layer pre-coated on the substrate of aluminum plate. Through a series of processing such as electrolytic graining and anodizing, aluminum plate is formed a base plate for printing.

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The commonly used PS aluminum base plate is 1060 aluminum sheet. In addition PS plate, it is also used to make thermal CTP plates, photosensitive CTP plates, UV-CTP plates, etc. The width of Haomei PS version base is generally 400-1600mm, and the conventional thickness is 0.10-0.50mm.

PS plate has requirements for surface quality and flatness. Therefore, in order to obtain high quality PS aluminum base plate, special straightening methods must be adopted after cold rolling.

During PS plate making process, Haomei Aluminum uses advanced straightening process to avoid defects such as hard scratches, flat marks, and shock marks. The aluminum sheet produced by this equipment is of high quality.

In addition, Haomei Aluminum uses matte air conduction technology to improve plate making efficiency. Through the electrostatic spraying technology, the air between the film and the PS plate is smoothly extracted when the plate is exposed, and the vacuum time is shortened by two thirds compared with the PS plate without a matte surface, thereby reducing the plate making time.



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