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How to Choose Thermal CTP Plate

Publish: Modify: Apr 07, 2021Author: From:  Haomei

How to choose CTP plate? Haomei thermal CTP plate features quality aluminum base plate,even coating thickness,excellent printability and strong printing endurance.

In recent years, with more and more printing companies adopt CTP plate making, the CTP plate marketing is expanding. Facing to so many CTP plates manufacturers, how to choose a quality one? There are several tips for buying thermal CTP plate.

The first step is the strict control of aluminum plate. The lattice point quality of CTP plate will directly affects the quality of the printed product, whith in turn affects the reproduction of the entire printing process. Therefore, the first step to choose a thermal CTP plate with good dot reproducibility.

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Next is the coating thickness. Haomei thermal CTP plate adopts the unique coating formula, which makes the coating thickness of the pure aluminum plate more uniform, so as to ensure that the lattice point error is within 1% without the addition of dot calibration curve.

Another is printability. To improve the printability of CTP plate, the aluminum base plate has been undergone special treatment. In addition, in order to ensure better hydrophilicity of the positive CTP plate, there is a special hydrophilic layer on the aluminum base plate to ensure good wettability and ink affinity during the printing process.

The adaptability of CTP plates is also very important. Haomei positive thermal CTP plate can be adapted to the thermal CTP plate making machines of many domestic and foreign brands with a wavelength of 830nm, such as Kodak, Netscreen, Heidelberg, Corey, Polytech, Huarui Jingyi, etc.

The last but not the least one is the production cost. Cost, in the current economic situation, is the primary issue that printing companies have to consider. Haomei CTP plates can greatly save the production cost.

For example, the developer only needs replacing once for processing 2000 m3 CTP plates; the super strong printing endurance can reach 250,000 impressions without baking the plate, and up to 1 million impressions after baking, which can meet the needs of many domestic and foreign commercial printing, newspaper printing and packaging printing plants.



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