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Why Do We Choose Aluminum Fin Stock

Publish: Modify: Jan 14, 2021Author: From:  Haomei

The aluminum fin stock for making radiator is of good heat dissipation, low cost, light weight and novel appearance. What are its advantages? Learn more from Haomei Aluminum.

Due to good heat dissipation and heat conduction advantage, aluminum fin stock has been widely used in refrigeration and electronics industries in recent years. Aluminum strip can have a higher heat dissipation effect after being processed by professional pipe winding equipment.

The aluminum fin stock can greatly save the raw material cost without significantly reducing the cooling effect. The aluminum strip price is just one third that of copper strip with the same specification. Therefore, it is the most common material in the refrigeration industry.

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Because aluminum finstock has good conductivity and heat dissipation performance, which is only lower than that copper among the non-ferrous metals, aluminum strip is currently used internationally to replace copper strip as a common material for fin-type radiators. The aluminum fins stock is installed on the base tubes to achieve the purpose of enhancing heat transfer.

The high-efficiency thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy is the decisive factor for maintaining good heat dissipation and the most ideal medium for thermal energy conversion. It features light weight, less time consumption, fast heating, and high efficiency. For radiators of the same specification, the weight of aluminum alloy is 1/3 of that of steel radiators.

The aluminum strip for sale can be extruded into various shapes of radiators with novel appearance and strong decoration. Since aluminum oxide is the best protective film after aluminum oxidation, it can prevent it from further oxidation, so it is not afraid of oxidation and corrosion, and its moderate price is also an attractive factor.

The aluminum fin stock has good thermal conductivity, high pressure resistance, and high metal thermal strength. As a big aluminum strip supplier, Haomei Aluminum can offer different aluminum fin stocks such as 1060-H24 and 1060-H18 aluminum strip. Welcome to leave message below to inquire the latest price.



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