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How to Check Quality of Aluminum Bendable Strip

Publish: Modify: Jul 30, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

How to check the quality of the aluminum bendable strips? There are four factors to help us make judgement. Choosing a reliable an aluminum strip roll supplier is very important.

As a downstream processing enterprise of aluminum bendable strip, if you want to get a quality product, the quality of the raw materials is very important. How to check the quality of the aluminum bendable strip? There are four factors to help us to make judgement.

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1. The chemical elements of aluminum strip. The content of various alloying elements in the soft aluminum strip plays a vital role in the performance of the aluminum strip. The increase or decrease of the content standard will affect the mechanical properties of the aluminum strip. So the chemical composition content of the aluminium strip is one of our judging standards.

2. The dimensional tolerances of aluminum strip. We mainly look at the dimensional tolerances of aluminum strips, such as thickness, length and width, diagonal and flatness. If the bendable aluminum strip does not meet the standard, it will affect the further processing.

3. The mechanical properties of aluminum strip. The mechanical properties of the soft aluminum strip include tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, hardness, etc. These indicators are what we need to pay attention to. If they are not properly controlled, they will also affect the subsequent processing.

4. The surface quality of the aluminum strip. In the factory, if the aluminum strip is not carefully produced, it is easy to cause scratches, scratches, abrasions, etc., and it will also cause emulsion marks and macula due to pollution. These surface quality problems are not conducive to the following processing. It may affect the use of the product, not to mention that the surface of aluminum strip is not beautiful.

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