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Bendable Aluminum Strips: Saving Money for You

Publish: Modify: Apr 21, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

For many aluminum products enterprises such as LED strip, bendable aluminum strip is a choice to save production cost and simplify the production process. Lean more.

The waste in production has been always a big trouble for the manufacturer of aluminum products such as lamps, transformer winding, fins, caps,etc. If there is too much waste in production, it will increase the product cost virtually.

At this time, if bendable aluminum strips are used, it can effectively reduce waste, thus decreasing production cost. Therefore, for some lamps and utensils manufacturing enterprises, it is recommended to use flexible aluminum strips.


Generally, the aluminum strip is processed by slitting and is produced according to the width required by the order. During the processing, the width tolerance and surface quality can be better guaranteed.

Now the bendable aluminum strip has become the first choice for many lighting companies such as LED strips. As the above mentioned, it can save production cost. At the same time, it can simply the production process. If the raw material is aluminum coil, you have to cut and pay attention to the problems during cutting process such as scratches. With aluminum strip, this process is saved.

If you plan to buy soft aluminum strip, Haomei Aluminum, aluminium strip supplier, like to make a simple introduction of its manufacturing process:

1. Choose an aluminum coil of appropriate thickness. Before processing, make sure that the thickness of the aluminum coil is right.

2. Adjust the slitting width of the slitting equipment according to the actual required width. With rich experience, Haomei Aluminum can control the width tolerance within 0.05 mm. The slit aluminum strip must have the same width, neat edges and no burrs.



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