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What Are High Strength Strip Alloys

Publish: Modify: May 05, 2022Author: From:  Haomei

High strength strip alloys are 5052, 2a12, 2014, 7a09,etc., which has broad application in spacecraft, automobile and electronic products. Learn more.

High strength strip alloys refer to an aluminum alloy whose tensile strength is greater than 480 MPa. It is of low density, high strength, good processing performance and excellent welding performance, and is an important lightweight and high-strength structural material. Due to its high tensile strength and high toughness and corrosion resistance, high-strength aluminum alloys have very broad application prospects.

High-strength and high-toughness aluminum alloy is the main structural material of spacecraft such as launch vehicles, spacecraft and space stations, and is also one of the important structural materials of missiles and other weapon systems, such as aircraft parts, gears and shafts, instrument shafts and gears,etc.

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These high strength alloy strips is mainly used to replace the lightweight steel bearing parts of automobiles. While meeting the performance of automobiles, it can reduce the weight by 30-50% and have better corrosion resistance. With the increasing demand for lightweight automobiles, many steel parts on automobiles are being replaced by aluminum parts, such as aluminum alloy control arms and steering knuckles of automobiles.

This high strength aluminum alloy strips are suitable for manufacturing all-aluminum chassis frames of new energy vehicles. At present, the all-aluminum A8 sedan produced by Audi uses an aluminum alloy extruded frame, which reduces the mass by 35% and increases the torsional strength by 50%. It can be seen that aluminum alloys have broad application prospects in the automotive industry, especially ultra-high-strength aluminum alloys.

In fact, in order to solve the problem of the curved body of Apple, Apple iPhone 6s switched to 7000 series of high strength aluminum alloy strips. Its strength even reaches about 2/3 of what we call A3 steel in industry. The common alloys are 2014 aluminum strip, 2a12 aluminum strip, 7a09 and 5052 aluminum strip.

High-strength aluminium is extremely elastic and exceptionally flexible, opening up entirely new possibilities for industries such as automotive and aerospace, but it is difficult to machine. Precision and shear quality are very important. Benefiting from the circumferential setting mechanism on the high-precision shearing machine and coiling machine, Haomei Aluminum can ensure it.

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