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1060/3003 Aluminum Strips for Face Masks

Publish: Modify: Jun 30, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

1060 and 3003 aluminum strips are two main kinds of aluminum strips for face masks. How to choose them? Learn more.

Aluminum nose strip for face mask is to make the mask better fit to the face, which effectively block dust, smoke, influenza virus,etc. It needs to have a good pressure-bearing strength so that it does not rebound under pressure, so that the existing shape is not deformed. That’s why we need quality aluminum strip to make aluminum nose wire.


Aluminum strip features good bending effect and strong formability. It has good combination with various kinds of glues. It is of smooth surface and no burrs. Through stamping, the producer can realize mass production of aluminum nose wire. Aluminum nose strips are mainly used for medical masks.

There are different grades of aluminum nose strips for masks. Some are very cheap and some are a little expensive. What are their difference? From the surface, they are usually smooth and burr-free. There are two reasons: the alloys and processing craft.

There are two kinds of aluminum strips for face mask: 1060 and 3003 aluminum strip. In terms of price, aluminum alloy 1060 is much cheaper while aluminum alloy 3003 has higher strength and better rust resistance.

In addition, some suppliers or small manufacturers don’t have strict control of processing craft, so their 1060/3003 aluminum strip can’t reach the standards. Haoemi Aluminum, a big aluminum strip manufacturer, can make it and we support sample test.



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