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Aluminium Strip Roll For Drink Cans

Publish: Modify: Jan 08, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

For making a drink can, you need three types of aluminum strip rolls:aluminum strip 3004, alloy 5052 and 5182. Why choose them? Welcome to read this article.

In the 1960s, aluminum cans emerged in the United States. Then it quickly gained popularity around the world because of its portability, safe use, and high recyclable value. All-aluminum cans have been considered as ideal packaging containers for beer and carbonated beverages.

aluminum strip for drink cans.jpgIts popularity makes aluminum strip roll for drink cans a big market, with annual consumption accounting for 1/4 of global aluminum rolled material consumption. For making a drink can, which kinds of aluminum flat strips are used? Let’s have a look together.

Aluminum strips for cans mainly have three kinds: 3004 alloy can body, alloy 5052 can lid, 5182 alloy pull ring.

The can body of pop-top can is made up of aluminum strip 3004. Since aluminum alloy 3004 is of good oxidation resistance, being used in the can body can prevent the carbonated beverage from oxidizing and corroding the can body.

3004 aluminum strip.jpgAlloy 5052 is for making can lids and 5182 alloy is for the pull rings. Both of them belongs to aluminum-magnesium alloys, which is of good corrosion resistance, good weldability, cold workability, and medium strength.

However, the 5182 alloy has a higher magnesium content than the 5052 alloy, and also has a small amount of silicon, so the weldability is better than the 5052 alloy. Therefore, the 5052 alloy is mostly used for can lids, and the 5182 alloy is mostly used for pull rings.

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