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5083 Aluminum Sheet for Gas Cylinder

Publish: Modify: Jul 07, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

The gas cylinder made of 5083 aluminum sheet has the advantages of corrosion resistance, light weight,long service life,etc. Learn more about 5083 aluminum sheet price.

The gas cylinder made of 5083 aluminum sheet has the advantages of corrosion resistance, easy cleaning, light weight and long service life. Aluminum alloy plays an important role in reducing the total weight of the vehicle and the trouble of maintenance.


5083 aluminum plate is well known for its anti-rust performance. It naturally forms a dense and firm protective film on the surface of the automobile gas cylinder, which can protect the gas cylinder itself from corrosion, thereby prolonging its service life.

In addition, 5083 aluminum alloy is of medium strength, good processing performance, and high elongation, which can reduce the difficulty of processing and reduce the weight of the vehicle. It can also be used for LNG storage tanks, marine aluminum plates, GIS shells, flange materials, etc.

As for the 5083 aluminum sheet price, since different manufacturers have different product quality, processing craft and selection of raw material, the pricing is naturally different. Only under the premise of good quality, the comparison of the price is meaningful.

With over 20 years’ experience, Haomei Aluminum has mature processing technology of 5083 aluminum sheet. Haomei 5083 gas cylinder aluminum plate has good processing effect, stable performance and big economic benefits. If you need special specification, welcome to contact us directly.



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