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How to Ensure The Quality of Color Coated Aluminum

Publish: Modify: Dec 11, 2019Author: From:  Haomei

An experienced coated aluminum col manufacturer has strict regulations and measures to ensure the quality of color coated aluminum. There is a simple introduction of six ways in this aspect.

Color coated aluminum, as the name implies, is the color coating of aluminum coil or aluminum sheet. The common types of the paints are PVDF coating and Polyester coating. As a coated aluminum coil manufacturer, what do we have done to ensure the quality of color coated aluminum?

1575966652624713.jpgThere are some daily measures to prevent the occurrence of the mechanical failures and product defect.

1. Color coating aluminum should be processed at normal temperature. Too hot or too cold temperature will greatly influence the coating effect.

2. Inspect the equipment in time to ensure that there is no abrasion of the materials and ensure normal operation. The daily maintenance contributes to the long service life of the equipment. In other words, it will save production cost in long terms.

3. The bolts for fixing the color-coated aluminum coil must be sealed with a highly waterproof material to prevent the rust caused by the entrance of the rain.

4. The room temperature of the processing workshop should be around 7 ℃.

color_coated_aluminum_coil_34.jpg5. Adjust the clearance of the roller system according to the thickness of the coated aluminium sheet and remove the foreign matter on the roller surface and the pallet.

6. At the same time, check whether the two sides of the colored aluminum sheets are of coating leakage. If it happens, one must stop to check the reasons and take actions to solve it. After that, the processing can only be continued.

In our production of color coated aluminum, there are also many other regulations to ensure quality. If you need color coated aluminum sheet, coil, strip or foil, Haomei Alu is a really good choice.



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