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Aluminum Trim Coil Thickness

Publish: Modify: Nov 19, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

The aluminum trim coil thickness is mainly related to the coating equipment. What are the common thickness and thickness tolerance of aluminum siding trim coil? Learn more.

The aluminum trim coil thickness is mainly related to the coating equipment. The usual coating equipment can process color coated aluminum coil with a thickness of 0.3-1.2 mm, which is also a common specification for the most application.

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The thickness control of textured aluminum trim coil consists of three parts: substrate thickness, coating paint thickness, and protective film thickness. Generally, the thickness of the single-coated paint film is around 15um, and the thickness of the double-coated paint film is 25um.

The thickness of the back paint film of the aluminum coil is around 5-8um. The thickness of the protective film is usually 0.05 mm. PE protective film is generally used. What we should pay attention to is that the PVDF coated aluminum coil is double-coated while the polyester coated aluminum coil is divided into single coating and double coating.

The thickness tolerance of aluminum siding trim coil is ±30um-50um. Haomei Aluminlum supplies color-coated aluminum coils of various thicknesses. And the non-standard sizes and widths can be customized.

The colors can be customized according to the RAL color card or other standard color card numbers, and can also be processed according to samples. Welcome to leave message below to inquire the latest aluminum trim coil price.



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