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Aluminum with Polysurlyn Moisture Barrier V Aluminum coil with Kraft paper

Publish: Modify: Apr 20, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

Both aluminum with polysurlyn moisture barrier and aluminum coil with kraft paper are for wall insulation, equipment packaging or pipeline insulation. Which better? Learn more.

Thermal insulation aluminum coil is a widely used industrial material, especially in the construction industry. It is used for wall insulation, equipment packaging and tube insulation.The present popular coatings are Polysurlyn and Kraft Paper. Which is better?

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Aluminum with polysurlyn moisture barrier

It is a multi-layer composite film made of polyethylene and sarin polymer with a film thickness of about 7 microns, which is firmly covered on the surface of the aluminum coil by the high-temperature and high-pressure method. Aluminum with polysurlyn moisture barrier has excellent adhesion, very good air tightness, and anti-corrosion performance.

Aluminum coil with kraft paper

Aluminum coil itself has excellent corrosion resistance. Being coated with kraft paper, its service life becomes longer and it has better absorption of the moisture inside the pipeline. At present, it is very popular in Middle East counties. The general thickness is 0.2-2.0 mm, width is 800-1300 mm and the common alloy is 1100,1060, 3003.3004, 3104 and 5052.

Which is better: polysurlyn or kraft paper

At present, most of the aluminum plain jacketing roll with moisture barrier used for the external protection and insulation decoration are flat aluminum plates and composite polykraft laminated aluminum coil. They both have certain moisture resistance and corrosion resistance.
However, thermal insulation projects have higher requirements for moisture protection, anti-corrosion performance, service life and material replacement cost while they cannot fully meet these needs.

Compared with kraft paper, polysurlyn aluminum coil has the following advantages:

1. It has no pores and the water vapor transmission rate is less than or equal to 323 grams per square meter, which has better moisture-proof performance.

2. It it has a higher spontaneous ignition point, the spontaneous ignition point is about 316 ℃ while that of kraft paper is about 233 ℃.

3. It will not be corroded, discolored or damaged after contacting with water vapor.

4. It has better abrasion resistance and longer durability.

5. It can be used as an upgraded product of the aluminum coil with kraft paper.



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