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Stucco Embossed Aluminum Coil VS Mill Finish Aluminum Coil

Publish: Modify: Aug 24, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

Compared with the mill finish aluminum coil, the stucco embossed aluminum coil has many advantages and higher price. Contact us for ordering wholesale stucco embossed aluminum coil.

The stucco embossed aluminum coil is an aluminum coil with rich patterns after calendering on the basis of aluminum coil. It is widely used in packaging, construction, curtain walls,etc. Compared with the mill finish aluminum coil, what are their differences?

stucco embossed aluminum coil.jpg

Firstly, the production process of the embossed aluminum coil is a little complex. This not only increases the investment in machinery and equipment, but also consumes more manpower and costs. Besides, the pattern is of both decorative and anti-skid effect just like the pattern of the tires.

Secondly, different alloys and patterns of the stucco embossed aluminum coils can be used in different industries. The production and processing cost of the 1060 embossed is relatively low and it is suitable for cold storage. The five bar pattern is usually used for the floor of vehicles while the orange peel pattern is for the household appliance such as fridge.

Finally, like the mill finish aluminum coil, the embossed aluminum coil requires scientific maintenance methods in daily use. During regular cleaning, clean the surface of the stain with water or a corresponding detergent, and the residue of the stain will easily cause corrosion and deformation.

The embossed aluminum coil has stronger decorative effect and longer service life than the common aluminum coil. If you look for the wholesale stucco embossed aluminum coil, welcome to leave message below to get a best price.



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