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What Are 5000 Series Aluminum Plates

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The typical 5000 series aluminum plates are 5052, 5005,5086 and 5083. What are their features and uses? They features moderate strength and excellent corrosion resistance. Learn more.

The typical 5000 series aluminum plates are 5052, 5005,5086 and 5083, which belong to the more commonly used alloy plates. Their main alloying element is magnesium, and the magnesium content (mass fraction) is 3% to 5%, so they are also called aluminum-magnesium alloys. Their main features are low density, high tensile strength, high elongation and good fatigue strength, but they cannot be strengthened by heat treatment.

5052 aluminum is an Al-Mg aluminum plate. Magnesium is the main alloy element in the 5052 alloy aluminum plate. It has the advantages of 3 series anti-rust aluminum and the excellent formability of 5 series aluminum alloy. It has moderate strength, especially fatigue resistance, high plasticity and good corrosion resistance. It is mainly used in yacht hulls.


5052 aluminum plates are basically used as mid-to-high-end products, so when processing 5052 aluminum plates, you must pay attention to surface quality, flatness, and thickness tolerance issues. At the same time, many customers require 5052 aluminum sheet to be anodized, therefore, y of the surface texture after anodizing also needs attention.

5005 aluminum plate is similar to 3003 alloy, with medium strength and good resistance. It is often used in conductors, drinking vessels, instrument panels, shells and building decorations, building materials, interior and exterior materials, vehicle interior materials, etc. It is worth mentioning that the anodized film on the surface of the 5005 aluminum plate is brighter than the oxide film on the 3003 alloy, and is consistent with the color tone of the 6063 alloy.

5086 aluminum sheet is an aluminum-magnesium alloy, mainly magnesium alloy. It is strengthened not by heat treatment, but by strain hardening or cold working of the material. Heat treatment does not significantly affect strength, so 5086 is easily weldable and retains much of its mechanical strength. 5086 is the recommended hull material for small aluminum boats and large yachts.

A5083 material has the highest tensile strength and good weldability among all non-heat-treated strengthened aluminum alloys, and is extremely resistant to seawater corrosion. It is recognized as the best marine aluminum alloy material. 5083 aluminum sheet is widely used to make various kinds of boats, liquefied natural gas storage tanks, high-pressure vessels, rail vehicle bodies, and various structural projects with high anti-corrosion requirements.

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