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The Features of 5x10 Painted Aluminum Sheet

Publish: Modify: Sep 22, 2021Author: From:  Haomei

Haomei Aluminum has different kinds of 5x10 painted aluminum sheet. What are its features? Learn more.

The household appliances shell includes panels, side panels, back panels and inner panels. It is usually made from painted aluminum sheet. The development of the traditional production process has gone through two stages of powder spraying and paint pre-rolling.

The traditional powder spraying process, due to low production efficiency and high cost, has gradually been replaced by painted aluminum sheet. Haomei Aluminum has further improved the manufacturing process. What are the features of Haomei painted aluminum sheet?

5x10 Painted Aluminum Sheet.jpg

High processability

It has good processing performance, no cracking or falling off at 180° bending, which can meet the requirements of high-speed and precision processing equipment.

High Scratch Resistance

After being cured at 330°C, the powder coating for household appliances will form a high-density hard coating with a hardness (pencil hardness) of up to 5H and above, which has excellent scratch resistance.

Super corrosion resistance

The coating is resistant to solvent wipes for more than 150 times and its neutral salt spray test is resistant to more than 3000 hours. It has no obvious change in 30% HCL and 30% NaOH solution for more than 48 hours, which has excellent stain resistance, corrosion resistance and anti-washing performance.

Fine coating

By adopting high-speed electrostatic spraying process, the coating can be up to 20-120 microns at a time. The coating can achieve different surface effects such as plain, orange, sand,etc.

Safety and environmental protection

The coating adopts high-performance powder coatings for household appliances, and the pretreatment adopts Japanese Pakka chromium-free environmentally friendly passivation treatment technology. It has no toxic ingredients and no VOCs volatilization.

Haomei Aluminum has different kinds of 5x10 aluminum sheet and painted aluminum sheet. Welcome to leave message below to inquire aluminum sheet price.

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