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Aluminum Reflector Sheet For Lighting

Publish: Modify: Dec 22, 2021Author: From:  Haomei

Aluminum mirror sheet is a very important reflective material for lighting. What are the main applications of the aluminum reflector sheet? Learn more.

The mirror finish aluminium sheet is widely used in lighting reflectors and lamp decorations, solar heat collection and reflective materials, interior architectural decoration, exterior wall decoration, household appliances panels, electronic product shells, furniture and kitchens, interior and exterior decoration of automobiles, signs, logos, luggage, jewelry boxes,etc.

Aluminum mirror sheet is a very important reflective material for lighting. The mirror aluminum sheet plays a decorative and reflective effect, which can replace mirror glass in decoration. Due to the fragility of mirror glass, it has caused many hidden safety hazards. In recent years, it has been gradually replaced by mirror aluminum plate.

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In the light reflection of lamps, its best reflective surface greatly improves the light efficiency utilization rate of the lighting fixture, thereby saving energy consumption. It is is particularly suitable for commercial lighting, such as grille lights, tunnel lights, explosion-proof lights, etc. Using mirror aluminum plate as a reflective material can greatly reduce energy consumption, save costs and extend the service life.

The grille lamp is a commonly used lighting fixture, suitable for installation in a writing room with a suspended ceiling. The light source is generally a fluorescent tube. It is made of reflector aluminum, with a deep arc design, which has a better reflective effect.

Haomei Aluminum can provide aluminum reflector sheet with reflectance of over 80%. It features stable reflectivity and consistent reflective effect. The alloys includes 1xxx. 3xxx and 5xxx. The surface of reflector sheet covered with a protective film, which can ensure that the surface of the plate is smooth, no scratches and no oil stains.

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