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Three Aging Strengthening Factors of 7075 Aluminum Sheet

Publish: Modify: Aug 05, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

As a high-strength 7075 aluminum sheet, its processing is more complicated and stricter. There are three major factors that affect the aging strengthening of 7075 aluminum plate.

The 7075 aluminum sheet is a high-strength aluminum alloy with higher hardness among the heat-treatable aluminum alloys. It is widely used for high-strength mechanical parts, hardware products, molds, auto parts, aerospace and other fields. This article will briefly introduce the three major factors that affect the aging strengthening of 7075 aluminum plate.

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1. The volume of the dissolved phase. In general, if other conditions are the same, the larger the volume fraction (f) of the dissolved phase, the higher the strength. Alloys with large f-values require large solid solubility at high temperatures, and the composition and process for obtaining high solid solubility can usually be determined by the phase diagram.

2. The dispersion degree of the second phase particle. Generally speaking, the equilibrium desolvation phase is not coherent with the matrix, the interface energy is relatively high, the critical size of nucleation is large, and the driving force for grain growth is also large, and it is not easy to obtain highly dispersed particles.

Therefore, the formation of GP zone and coherent or partially coherent transition phase can make the alloy obtain high strength. Generally, in order to effectively strengthen the alloy, the distance between the dissolved phases should be less than 1um.

3. The resistance of the dissolving phase particles to dislocations. A large degree of mismatch causes a large strain field, which is beneficial to strengthening; high interface energy or antiphase domain boundary energy is also beneficial to strengthening.

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