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Anodised Aluminium Sheet for LCTV

Publish: Modify: Oct 12, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

The anodised aluminium sheet has been a new and popular choice for LCTV. Welcome to inquire the cost of aluminum sheet from Haomei, aluminum plate supplier.

With the deign of TV set gradually developing towards lightness and thinness, materials with light quality and high aesthetics have become the primary criteria for merchants to choose TV sets.

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This transformation makes the anodised aluminium sheet replace the traditional ABS plastic material. The commonly used aluminum sheets are 5000 and 6000 series anodised aluminum plates.

The anodized aluminum sheet is of anti-static, moisture-proof, fire-proof, good heat dissipation, good processability, environmental protection. Moreover, the anodized aluminium sheet has a good coloring effect. Under the premise of ensuring the excellent performance of the product, it improves the decoration and gives people a different visual experience.

Aluminum sheet has been a new materIal for TV casing. There are certain requirements for the anodized aluminum sheets for the LCTV. The surface of the aluminum plate is required to be clean and delicate, with uniform color, and no cracks, no corrosion, no peeling, no rolling marks, no oil spots,etc.

As a big aluminum plate supplier, Haomei Aluminuim covers 1, 3, 5 and 6 series anodized aluminum sheet, which have the advantages of good processability, good weather resistance, strong metallic feeling, high fire resistance, strong stain resistance and good trial performance. Its coloring effect is better than average level, welcome to leave message below to inquire the cost of aluminum sheet.



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