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Is Hot Rolled or Cold Rolled Aluminum Sheet Better

Publish: Modify: Oct 12, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

In terms of performance, the hot rolled aluminum sheet is better, yet cold rolled aluminum sheet has its own advantages and uses. Learn more from Haomei, aluminum plate supplier.

The processing craft of aluminum sheets in different fields are not same. After treatment, the aluminum sheets have higher strength, hardness and elongation. The hot rolling and cold rolling are the commonly used treatment processes.

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The features of the hot rolled aluminum sheet: In the process of deformation,the internal structure has undergone multiple recovery and recrystallization, the casting defects has been significantly improved, thus improving its processing performance. Especially in terms of deep drawing performance, the hot rolled aluminum has incomparable advantages over cast-rolled materials.

The production process of aluminum plate includes hot rolling, casting rolling, casting, etc. Among them, the performance of hot rolling aluminum plate in stretching and anodizing is better than aluminum plate produced by other processes. In addition, the equipment cost and production cost of the hot-rolled aluminnum sheet are relatively high.

During the use of aluminum plates, they may undergo further processing such as stretching, bending, stamping, cutting,etc. Generally, the stretched aluminum sheet should not be too hard. Therefore, the elongation and tensile strength of the aluminum sheet will have different requirements according to the stretching height and the stretching method. Both cast-rolled and hot-rolled sheets can be used for stretching, but the effect of cast-rolled sheets is not ideal.

The cold rolled aluminum sheet is cast-rolled coil. Then it will be processed by the cold rolling mill into the cold rolled alumimum. As the cold work hardening caused by continuous cold deformation increases the strength and hardness of the rolled hard coil, and decrease the ductility and stamping performance, it can only be used for simple deformation parts such as molds.

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