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What Are The Uses of Aluminium PCB Sheet

Publish: Modify: Apr 08, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

Aluminum PCB sheet’s superior properties make it widely used in the electronics field such as LED lighting and audio equipment. Welcome to know more about Alu sheet for PCB.

PCB sheet refers to printed circuit board. Aluminum PCB sheet is one of the PCB sheets. It is a aluminum base plate coated with copper layer. Generally, the aluminum PCB sheet is of a three-layer structure, which is a circuit layer (copper foil), an insulating layer, and a metal base layer.


In addition to those superior properties such as heat dissipation, dimension stability and thermal expansion, aluminum drilling entry sheet is of excellent mechanical processing performance, which can replace fragile ceramic circuit board.

The aluminum entry board can reduce the installation of radiators,thus reducing the size of the product and saving hardware and assembly cost. At the same time, it helps to improve the heat resistance and physical properties of PCB board and reduce production cost and labor.

It is because of the excellent properties of Alu sheet for PCB that the aluminum sheet is widely used in the electronics field:

  • Power amplifier audio equipment

  • Switching regulator power supply equipment

  • High-frequency report circuit communication electronic equipment

  • Motor driver automation equipment

  • Automotive power supply control device

  • Solid relay power module

  • Single led aluminum PCB sheet. Because of simple processing, low production cost and good heat dissipation,it is widely used in LED lighting electronic products.

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