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Why Does Anodized Aluminum Panels Have Color Difference

Publish: Modify: Aug 23, 2022Author: From:  Haomei

The anodized aluminum panels is of high strength and high aesthetics. Why does the anodized aluminum plate have color difference? There are many factors like the potion concentration.

The anodized aluminum panels are to place the aluminum plate in the corresponding electrolyte (such as sulfuric acid, chromic acid, oxalic acid, etc.) as an anode, and conduct electrolysis under specific conditions and the action of an applied current.

The anodizing aluminum sheet will have a thin layer of aluminum oxide on the surface with a thickness of 5-20 microns, and the hard anodized film can reach 60-200 microns. It not only has good durability, but also high aesthetics.

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The surface of the anodized aluminum plate has a special very thin aluminum oxide layer, which increases the hardness and also improves the wear resistance. At the same time, the anodized aluminum plate has a very high melting point, which makes the anodized aluminum plate very durable. And the anodized aluminum plate not only has many excellent properties, but it is also relatively easy to color and has high aesthetics.

Why does the anodized aluminum plate have color difference?

1. When the material is oxidized, the treatment effect will be affected by factors such as the composition, content, concentration, temperature and treatment time of the potion, which will lead to different effects of the final product.

2. The color difference that already exists during the production of material pretreatment leads to increased difficulty in sample matching and color matching.

3. The metal element content and material texture of different batches of raw aluminum sheets cannot be consistent, and it is difficult to achieve exactly the same effect as the sample after multiple adjustments and sample evaluations during coloring processing.

It is unavoidable that there is a color difference in the anodizing aluminum sheet. However, each enterprise will regulate a color difference range, and the products within the range are normal products. As a big aluminium plate manufacturer, Haomei Aluminum has mature anodizing technology. Welcome to leave message to inquire what you need.

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