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What Makes a High-Quality Aluminium Mirror Sheet

Publish: Modify: Nov 28, 2019Author: From:  Haomei

What makes a high quality aluminum mirror sheet? It includes three key pars: selection of aluminum material, grinding and mechanical embossing. You can make a wise choice when you buy from aluminum sheet manufacturer.

Aluminum mirror sheet is the aluminum sheet processed by rolling, polishing and other methods to make its surface appear like a mirror. Many daily products are made of this polished aluminum sheet like electronic product shell, car decoration, luggage, signage, jewelry box,etc. Then, what makes a quality aluminum mirror sheet?

mirror finish aluminum sheet.jpg
First and foremost is the selection of the base aluminum material. The quality of the base aluminum material will directly affect the quality of the finished mirror aluminium sheet. There are generally two types of base aluminum materials: pure aluminum material and aluminum alloy material.

Pure aluminum material has a high aluminum content, which can even reach more than 99%. The production technology is relatively simple and the cost is relatively low, so it has become a popular choice for the general industry.

For aluminum alloy material, the preferred choice is with 3%-5% magnesium content. Its advantage is that the elongation and tensile strength are strong, and the weight is lighter than that of other aluminum alloy kinds under the same volume. Therefore, the mirror aluminum sheet made of this aluminum alloy is not only suitable for general industry, but also contributes to chemical, aerospace and other aspects.

mirror aluminum coil.jpg
The next important step is grinding. After being cleaned and polished, the aluminum sheet will do grinding. During this process, all operation should be very careful, because all the defective products can only be treated as scrap aluminum.

The following step is mechanical embossing. The equipment level has vital effect on the grades of the finished products. It is much simpler to roll and wrap the film. You just need to pay attention to the viscosity of the protective film and whether the adhesive remains after tearing off the protective film.

These are some key parts influencing the quality of aluminum mirror sheet. With strict management, experienced worker and advanced manufacturing equipment, Haomei, a big aluminum sheet manufacturer ensures to offer you best aluminum mirror sheet with best price.



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