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What Is 1mm Aluminum Sheet Cost?

Publish: Modify: Feb 23, 2022Author: From:  Haomei

1mm aluminum sheet is a thin aluminum sheet. It is of a reasonable processing cost. Haomei Aluminum can fully ensure its flatness. Learn more.

The aluminum sheet can be divided into thin aluminum plate, standard aluminum sheet, thick aluminum sheet in accordance with the thickness. The industry is usually measured as a thickness of mm. 1mm aluminum sheet is a thin aluminum sheet, the aluminum sheet between 1-8 mm is a standard aluminum plate and that beyond 8 mm is the thick plate.

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This classification is mainly based on the processing equipment. For example, aluminum sheet within 8mm can be processed by cold rolling equipment. The processing cost is low. The aluminum plate above 8mm must be produced by hot rolling equipment.

The thickness range of the aluminum plate is directly linked to the price. The standard aluminum sheet between 1.0-8.0mm is of a reasonable price .For the thin aluminum sheet, the extra processing craft makes its price a little higher.

Aluminum plates over 8mm need to be processed by ingots and then processed by hot rolling. During the process of ingot casting, certain losses will occur. At the same time, the price of hot rolling equipment is relatively high, so the aluminum thick plate price is also relatively high.

For the 1mm aluminum sheet, the aluminum sheet manufacturer need to pay attention to the flatness. At present, many small processing factories do not have stretch-bending and straightening equipment. Haomei Aluminum can fully ensure the flatness of thin aluminum sheets by equipping professional stretching and bending straightening equipment. Welcome to leave message to inquire aluminum sheet cost.

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