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Bottle Cap Material: 3105 Aluminum

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3105 aluminum is a popular bottle cap material, especially for screw caps, PP caps, beverge cans, cosmetic bottle caps,etc. It is also used for color aluminum substrates, gutters,etc. Learn more.

The working environment of the wine industry is very strict, which requires structural materials to have certain tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, compression resistance, deep drawing and other properties. In addition, considering the food safety, 3105 aluminum is a good bottle cap material.

3105 aluminum sheet is used for screw caps, PP caps and beverge cans,etc. When the caps are used to package carbonated beverages, 3105 alloy must be used. In addition, 3105 aluminum plate is manly used for cosmetic bottle caps.

3105 aluminium, Al-Mn alloy, has rich tempers such as O, H12, H14, H18, H22, etc. 3105 aluminum sheet is 98% pure aluminum with the addition of specific alloys for strength improvement.

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The main metal element of 3105 aluminum alloy is Al-Mn. On the basis of 3003 aluminum alloy, part of Cu and Mg are added to increase the mechanical properties of the finished product. This alloy has higher strength than 3003 alloy aluminum plate. It contains impurity element Cu, and the content is controlled below 0.2%, which not only improves the tensile strength of the alloy, but also does not affect the corrosion resistance of the alloy.

3105 Al-Mn plate is well known for good electrical conductivity and mechanical properties, and its electrical conductivity can reach 41%. Whether it is shear strength, tensile strength, or yield strength, they are all very high. Like 3004 aluminum plate, 3105 aluminum plate has excellent arc welding performance, and can accept gas welding, contact spot welding and wire welding.

3105 aluminum has high plasticity in the annealed state, good plasticity in semi-cold work hardening, and low plasticity in cold work hardening. It can be used for color aluminum substrates, room dividers, baffles, movable room panels, gutters and downpipes, sheet metal forming parts, bottle caps,etc.

Surface types:

1. Mill finish

2. Apply DOS oil to lubricate

3. Chrome treatment

4. One side is gold/white/red/blue/black, and the other side is painted with protective paint.

5. Double-sided varnish/clear paint.

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