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How to Identify the Quality of Stucco Embossed Aluminum Sheet

Publish: Modify: Nov 21, 2019Author: From:  Haomei

How to identify the quality of the stucco embossed aluminum sheet? Gloss, thickness and casting process are three basic factors. For bulk purchase with long term, a reliable aluminum sheet supplier is more vital. Learn more!

color of aluminum stucco sheet.jpgThe stucco embossed aluminium sheet is calendered on the basis of the aluminum sheet to form various patterns on the surface. It has different thickness, patterns and specifications. There are also many aluminum sheet manufacturers. How to identify the quality and choose a reliable aluminum sheet supplier?

There are three points for your reference:

1. Check the gloss of the embossed aluminum sheet. Although the color is an external factor, it is closely related to its production process and quality control. If the color of the aluminum sheet is bright, its quality is generally better than that of poor color.

2. Check if aluminum plate thickness is even. Some small factories can’t ensure uniform thickness of the aluminum sheets due to limited technology and equipment. Therefore, the thickness is is an important factor to test the quality of aluminium stucco embossed sheet.

1574324972132008.jpg3. The casting process of stucco embossed aluminum. Generally, a professional aluminum sheet manufacturer adopt an integrated molding process to improve the yield and reduce the production cost while ensuring the superior performance of aluminium embossed sheet.

In one word, as long as you pay attention to the above three points, your aluminum stucco sheet will not be poor. If you want to do bulk purchase with long term, on-the-spot investigation is necessary to ensure you have a reliable aluminum sheet supplier.



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