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4X8 Aluminum Sheet Metal

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The size of 4x8 aluminum sheet is 1219 mmx2438 mm. 4x8 aluminum sheet has no restrictions on the alloy. The common alloys of aluminum sheet metal are 1050, 3003, 3105, 3004, 5005, 5052, 5083,etc.

4x8 aluminum sheet refers to 4 foot and 8 foot, a ratio of the width to length of the aluminum sheet. 1 foot = 304.8 mm, 4′ = 1219 mm, 8’ = 2438 mm. Thus , it means the size of 4x8 aluminum sheet is 1219 mmx2438 mm.

4x8 aluminum sheet has no restrictions on the alloy. It is a common size for most aluminum alloy sheets like pure aluminum plate, alloy aluminum plate, thin aluminum plate, medium-thick aluminum plate, tread aluminum plate. Alloys include 1050, 3003, 3105, 3004, 5005, 5052, 5083, 5754, 6061, 7075,etc.

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3mm 4x8 aluminium sheet is very common in shipbuilding. Commonly used alloy grades are 5083, 5086, 5052 and 5754, 3003, 6061, etc. These aluminum sheets for marine use are lightweight and offer excellent corrosion resistance, machinability, formability, weldability, and more. They are used for boat decks/sides/bottoms/outboards, etc.

The 6061 aluminum plate belongs to the 6000 series, and the alloying elements are magnesium and silicon. The production has gone through a series of complex processes, from semi-continuous ingot casting, homogenization, sawing,surface milling, aluminum cladding, heating, hot rolling, annealing, cold rolling, annealing, cold rolling, solution treatment, aging treatment to cutting, leveling, inspection, oiling and packaging.

These processes are the basic processing steps of 6061 aluminum alloy. Since the processing of 6061 aluminum plate is more complicated than that of most alloy aluminum plates, the processing cost of 6061 aluminum plate is higher.

3003 aluminum sheet metal is an aluminum-manganese plate. Due to the addition of manganese element, the hardness and strength of 3003 aluminum plate are about 10% higher than that of 1100 aluminum plate and 1060 aluminum plate. Due to its good corrosion resistance, 3003 aluminum sheets are widely used in shipbuilding, and can be used to manufacture interior decoration parts and heat insulation and sound insulation materials for warehouses.

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