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The Application of Marine Grade Aluminum in Ships

Publish: Modify: Jun 15, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

Marine grade aluminum is widely used in the manufacturing of different ships. 5083, 5086,5456,6061,etc., are the common marine grade aluminum sheets for sale. Learn more

Marine grade aluminum has been used in the shipbuilding industry for nearly 100 years. With the rapid development of the domestic and foreign shipbuilding industries, the light weight of ships has been paid more and more attention.

Due to the low density, high strength, high rigidity and corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy, the weight of ships built with aluminum is reduced by 15-20% compared with ships built with steel or other synthetic materials.

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Aluminum alloys provide a good choice for the construction of ship types with strict weight requirements. Due to the lower processing cost of marine grade aluminum plate, it is more economical to use aluminum materials to make ships.

From the perspective of the ship designer, ships made of aluminum alloy can achieve higher speed and longer service life. These advantages of aluminum alloy make it develop rapidly in ship application. The shipbuilding industry has provides a broad market for the marine grade aluminum sheets.

The application of aluminum alloy in shipbuilding ranges from all-aluminum marine research ships, ocean-going commercial ships , passenger ships to hydrofoils, hovercrafts traffic boats, and landing craft.

Different kinds of marine grade aluminum sheets for sale can be used for hull structure and outfitting. The aluminum alloys used in ship hull structure are mainly 5083, 5086 and 5456. The 6000 aluminum alloys are mainly used in the superstructure of ships. The strength and process performance of 7000 series alloys after heat treatment are superior to 5000 series alloys, which is mainly used in naval superstructures.



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