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Brushed Aluminium Sheets Suppliers

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The brushed aluminium sheet is a high-end type of aluminum sheets. Welcome to contact Haomei Aluminum, brushed aluminum sheets supplier for the best price. Learn more.

The brushed aluminium sheet refers to the use of (physical treatment) mechanical friction or extrusion to process straight lines on the surface of the aluminum plate. According to the decorative need, there are different textures such as hairline, cross line, thread line,etc.

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The manufacturing process of brushed aluminum sheet metal

It is manufacturing process in which the aluminum sheet is repeatedly scraped out of lines with sandpaper. The main process flow is divided into three parts: deesterification, sand mill, and water washing.

The special coating technology after anodizing can generate a coating layer containing the metal component on the surface of the aluminum plate, clearly showing every minute trace, so that the metal matte will appear fine luster.

The color of the brushed aluminium sheets

A variety of colors are available: JK001 bronze, JK002 green, JK003 stainless steel, JK004 blue, JK005 red, JK006 silver, JK007 gold, JK008 purple, JK009 black, JK010 pink, JK011 brass, JK012 bronze Color, JK026 iron tree silver flower, JK036 matte color and other colors. There are also painted brushed aluminum sheets.

Application range of brushed aluminum sheets

The brushed aluminum sheets are are widely used in brushed aluminum composite panels, fireproof panels, aluminum photo frames, integrated ceilings, boutique cabinets, boutique doors and windows, veneer panels, signs, lighting, indoor and outdoor decoration, household appliances, luggage, gifts, furniture, consumer electronics and other fields.

As a high-end type of aluminum sheets, its price is a little higher than the common price. As a brushed aluminum sheets supplier, we can offer you the best price. Welcome to leave message below to get our latest quotation.



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