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The Shape Requirements of Aluminum Drilling Entry Board

Publish: Modify: Apr 08, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

There is high requirements for the shape of aluminum entry board for PCB drill. Here are the common processing ways of aluminum PCB sheet. Lean more!

There is high requirements for the shape of aluminum entry board for PCB drill. It is a difficult problem needing to be solved in the production of aluminum drilling entry board. The shape processing methods of aluminum sheet for PCB are: milling, V-cut, shearing and punching.


1. Milling. It is suitable for the processing of the sample of aluminum PCB sheet. Ordinary milling cutters can be used, but the speed is slower than milling FR4 circuit boards. During the milling process, it generates a lot of heat. If necessary, add a little water to the surface of the board.

2. V-cut. Each unit (single board) can be arranged closer when designing the panel to make full use of the space of aluminum base plate. V-Cut requires a special V-Cut knife for aluminum and the speed should be low. V-Cut knife angles are 30, 45 and 60 degree.

3. Shearing. It is applicable to make square or rectangular shape, but the shape tolerance of the shear is large, so it is not suitable for those aluminium entry boards with trict shape tolerance requirements.

4. Punching. It is the most commonly used processing method for the mass production of aluminum PCB sheet. It requires to correct the punching die and the die is made of special die steel.

After punching the shape, the warpage of the circuit board is very strict, usually 0.5%, and some customers require 0.2% or even 0.15%. The aluminum base plate is absolutely not allowed to be concave, because only the aluminum sheet surface is slightly convex, the heat can only be dissipated.

There are also many requirements in this processing such as small punching hole diameter tolerance. Making a qualified die is also very important for making quality aluminum PCB board. These no only require the technologies, but also needs the rich experience of the workers. Haomei is a professional manufacturer of aluminum sheet with 30 years experience, so we can provide you best aluminum drilling entry board.



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