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Aluminium Plate Thickness for Insulation Material

Publish: Modify: Jul 23, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

The aluminium heat insulation sheet is a popular type in recent years. Its common thickness is 0.8 and 0.5 mm aluminum sheet. 1060 and 3003 alloys. Learn more!

The aluminium heat insulation sheet is a popular type in recent years, but many customers don’t know much about it, therefore they have difficulty in how to choose the proper ones. There are some tips.

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The application determines the aluminium plate thickness and alloy of aluminum plate. In the insulation industry, the diameter of the insulation pipe must be considered when we choose aluminum sheet. The larger the diameter, the thicker the aluminum sheet. The commonly used ones are 0.5 mm aluminium sheet and 0.8 mm aluminium sheet.

The width is generally one meter wide, which is convenient for construction. As for the alloys, if there is no no special requirements for strength, the customer can choose 1060 aluminum sheet. If there is, the customer can choose 3003 aluminum plate. Other alloys are not often used in insulation material for their price is too high.

How to check the quality of aluminium thermal insulation sheet? It can be distinguished by appearance, flatness and thickness tolerance. The surface of high-quality aluminum plate is free of oil, color difference and scratches.

In addition, the customer can put the aluminum insulation sheet on the ground and see if there is some obvious wave patterns. If yes, its quality is not good. As the aluminum sheet thickness, you can use the micrometer to measure.



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