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How to Choose Stucco Embossed Aluminum Sheet

Publish: Modify: May 18, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

To get quality stucco embossed aluminum sheet, we must pay attention to the thickness, surface quality, price and after-sale service. Come to more details of ,embossed aluminum sheet manufacturers.

The stucco embossed aluminum sheet belongs to the the aluminum products with various patterns formed on the surface after calendering on the basis of the aluminum plate. Generally, most people will choose it as the floor.

The reason why people like to choose embossed aluminum sheet factory is because it has a certain anti-slip effect and beautiful appearance which can also improve the appearance of the house. When you buy it, what should you pay attention to? There are four aspects:

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1. Thickness

The thickness, strength, thickness of oxide film, etc. of the plate selected for the stucco aluminum sheet should meet the national specifications: aluminum plate thickness ≥1.2mm, tensile strength ≥157N / mm2, yield strength ≥108N / mm2, oxide film thickness ≥10 microns. If it fails to meet the specifications, it is a defective aluminum checker plate.

2. Surface quality

The superior embossed aluminum sheet factory is of bright and clean surface, clear and regular patterns, flat and even thickness. There are no oil stains, scratches, black points,etc. The poor stucco aluminium plate is of dull appearance, unclear and irregular patterns, uneven surface, and unqualified function.

3. Quotation

The stucco embossed aluminum sheet is divided into pure aluminum and alloy, and its quotation is naturally different. The aluminum alloy embossed aluminum sheet price is a little higher than the pure aluminum sheet.

The quotation of quality aluminum sheet is 20% -30% higher than that of defective aluminum sheet. So don’t just put emphasis on the price, or you will regret your choice after getting useless stucco aluminum sheet.

4. Service

From the manufacturer's production line to the company's workshop, there are many cycles including packaging, loading, transportation, storage, and unpacking. A big embossed aluminum sheet manufacturer will pay attention to the packaging to avoid oxidation and scratches.



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