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5 Bar Aluminium Checker Plate For Stairs

Publish: Modify: Feb 19, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

5 bar aluminium checker plate is an ideal choice for making stair steps because of its excellent anti-slip and anti-corrosion resistance. Welcome to learn more about its advantages.

As a kind of transportation facility for vertical traffic and emergency evacuation, stairs are with large crowds. Since it is steep, something dangerous is easily to happen. Therefore it is necessary to take anti-skid measures on the steps of the stairs. The 5 bar aluminum checker plate is a good choice for making stairs.

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Haomei 5 bar aluminum diamond plate, also called non-slip aluminum plate. It is an aluminum sheet with various patterns formed on the surface after calendering. It is widely used to make non-slip floor and non-slip ladder. It is also often seen in the package, building and curtain wall. On the train stairs, we often see the existence of aluminum diamond plate.

With different application environment, the requirements for the strength and corrosion resistance of the aluminium tread plate are also different. So, aluminum tread plate is also of different series. The common ones are 1060,3003,5052 and 6061 5 bar aluminum checker plate.

All series of 5 bar aluminum plates produced by Haomei have good corrosion resistance, excellent welding performance, high strength, good formability and easy processing. The stairs made of Haomei aluminum tread plate is not only non-slip, but also anti-rust and anti-corrosive.

Haomei has a fast online quenching line, which not only guarantees the product quality, but also improves the processing performance of the aluminum diamond plate. Welcome to contact us for more product information.



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