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What Are The Uses of Aluminum 5 Bar Tread Plate

Publish: Modify: Feb 17, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

Aluminum 5 bar tread plate is a popular kind of aluminum tread plate. With different pattern design and aluminum alloy, it has a wide range of uses. Welcome to learn more!

Aluminum tread plate is a common anti-sip floor plate. It is of attractive performance, non-slip and cheap price compared with steel plate, therefore it is widely used in transportation, construction, decoration, equipment floor, machinery and ship building,etc.

5 bar tread plate.jpgAluminum 5 bar tread plate is a common kind. In fact, it has several varieties such as one bar, two bar, three bar, four bar and five bar. It has excellent anti-slip ability, which is widely used in the design of building floor.

Because the pattern on the surface of the aluminum plate is arranged in parallel according to the five uneven bar, and each pattern has an angle of 60-80 degrees with other patterns, this pattern has excellent anti-slip performance.

According to the length of the pattern, 5 bar aluminum tread plate can be divided into big five bar aluminum tread plate and small five bar aluminum tread plate. Their pattern lengths are 42 mm and 34 mm.

Different patterns have different application fields. 5 bar aluminum plate is often used for wrapping pipes. In addition, it is also often seen in the furniture. And because of its excellent anti-slip performance, it is widely used on the public transport tools such as bus floor.

Its main alloy element also has some effect on the application of 5 bar aluminum tread plate. For example, 1060 aluminum tread plate is usually used for the common fields without requiring strong strength and good corrosion resistance. 5 bar 5052 aluminum plate is an ideal choice for ship deck.

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